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Our professional cleaning services help you maintain a spotless, sanitary environment. When you hire the best cleaning service in Charlotte, you can be assured that your clients will be walking into a space that will help them feel comfortable, safe and trusting of your services.


Maintaining a clean environment for your workers also helps to promote a positive work environment and helps to achieve productivity. Cleaning services help businesses save money by reducing the amount of time spent by employees on cleaning chores, this also frees up their time so they can focus on the projects that are being paid for.


All services provided are specific to your needs. All products will be provided and never left on your location.

Commercial Cleaning Services


Our cleaning services provide your business with peace of mind. Know that you are getting the best possible service, with green certified products and practices, for a price that you can afford!

Restaurant Cleaning Services

Restaurants need very thorough cleanings on a weekly basis. Since high traffic area are exposed daily to hundreds of individuals diseases, pathogens and bacteria can be left behind.


Keeping your restaurant sanitary and safe for your customers is a difficult undertaking. Most often, restaurants are not equipped with staff that are trained in proper cleaning procedures  to ensure that your business is safe.

Medical Office Cleaning

People go to the doctor and expect to find a clean, sanitary environment. When you partner with 5 Star Presidential Cleaning you can feel confident that your practice is being cleaned to the highest possible standards.


We pride ourselves on our green cleaning practices. This ensures exposure to chemicals and any left over chemical residue will be limited for not only your employees/clientele but our employees as well. Your clients are expecting to leave your office without contracting an illness from your facility, we will help you ensure that happens.

Law Office Cleaning


We are sure you know this but most of your customers probably do not want to be sitting in your lobby of office. You can help them feel more comfortable and trusting when they are seating in an area that has been professionally cleaned.


Professional cleaning services also cut down on the amount of time your staff is wasting on cleaning, not to mention headaches caused by reprimanding staff members that fail to clean properly or are skipping their chores


Dental Office Cleaning

School Cleaning Services

Having a clean school is not just important for providing a safe, productive learning environment, but is also helps keep our communities healthy. Students go home everyday and contact their families, these family members then go out into the community and contact other families.

Janitorial staff is essential for keeping up the grounds and facilities of your school, but schools are so large that it would be next to impossible for them to thoroughly clean all surfaces of the building, let alone have time for floors and ceilings. We will produce the results that you are looking for out of a professional cleaning service

When your clients are staring at the ceiling in your office for 30 minutes to an hour you should know what they are going to see up there. Often, ceiling fixtures go unattended and there are cobwebs floating around that make customers who might already be uncomfortable feel worse.


Clients are expecting to walk into a professional space that feels warm, welcoming, and most of all sanitary. Your dental practice will receive the most in-depth cleaning procedures to ensure that your office is immaculate for clients.

Floor Striping & Waxing in  Charlotte

Janitorial Services

At 5 Star Presidential Cleaning, LLC, we want to be your Charlotte, NC, floor service. Don't give up on those VCT floors, they can look new again! Try our professional strip & wax services first. Our friendly, experienced staff is ready to have you join our list of satisfied clients.



Real Estate Cleaning Services

When selling a home it is essential that you make the best possible first impression. Having the home professionally cleaned will help peak the interest of potential buyers.


We also provide cleaning services for rentals, vacation homes/rentals, in addition to "move-in/move-out" services.

We provide janitorial services that are superior to that of an in house janitorial staff member. Some of the janitorial services include, daily trash removal, floor cleaning, interior window cleaning and dusting.


In addition to daily services we can also provide you weekly deep cleanings that ensure your entire building is free from germs, allergens and dangerous chemical contamination.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Your industrial manufacturing business can benefit in a number of ways by hiring a cleaning service.  Maintaining a safe working environment is critical when you own an industrial business. We will make sure that all of your cleaning needs are met and exceeded.


Help to keep your staff safe and promote wellness by allowing us to take care of all of your cleaning needs.

Green Cleaning Services


Our Green Cleaning products and cleaning procedures help distinguish us from the competition. We ensure that only Eco-friendly products are used. This reduction in harmful chemicals not only helps to keep our environment healthy, but it also reduces the exposure of workers to harmful chemicals  that can cause a number of adverse health conditions.

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